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Top Emerging Tech for Your Construction Project


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Drones, wearables, and bricklaying robots: These are just a few of the new, cutting-edge technologies that are being touted for the construction jobsite. Today, analysts are pointing to pretty significant growth in all of these areas.

For instance, IDC suggests worldwide spending on robotics and drones will grow 19.6% between 2017 and 2022. Spending on robotics solutions will account for more than 85% of all spending, with industrial robotic solutions accounting for the largest share of robotics spending, followed by service robots and consumer robots. On the flip side, drone spending will grow at a faster rate during this time period, with enterprise drones representing more than half of all drone spending. The firm adds that utilities and construction will take the top spot for drones.

This is in line with recent predictions from the Teal Group, which indicates that non-military UAS (unmanned aerial system) production will grow 12.9% between 2018 and 2027. It also says construction will lead the market with the adoption of this technology and it points to a new trend: venture capital funding is shifting from a focus on hardware to a new focus on software and services that will make drones more useful.

For construction companies, this means a number of new solutions will be available that will make leveraging drones easier, giving contractors new tools at the construction jobsite.

The industry is already seeing new trends beginning to emerge. DJI, for instance, recently enhanced its offerings for the enterprise with a new geofencing system that uses GPS and other navigational satellite signals to automatically help prevent drones from flying near sensitive locations.

As another example, 3DR has launched a thermal imaging solution for DJI M200 series of drones. With this, users can plan and execute a flight and then the imagery from the cameras will automatically upload to the cloud and turn them into thermal maps. Construction professionals can either fly autonomous surveys or fly manually and tap any part of the iPad screen to get a temperature reading of a specific area.

These are just a few cases of how software and services are advancing in the area of drones. The same is beginning to happen in the area of robotics as well. Radiant Insights suggests the robotics-as-a-service market will grow significantly due to the cost of deploying robots.

Yet, the question remains: Can the new lineup of “hot” technology for construction help create a safer and more profitable jobsite? Before you get lost in the hype, join Constructech Technology Day 2018 to determine how new emerging technology can help create a safer and more productive working environment.

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By Constructech Staff | 7/31/2018

Top Emerging Tech for your Construction Project


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