June 23, 2017

3 ways to improve your home with sheet metal

Metals are a wonderful gift of nature to humankind. Because of them being hard, malleable, and shiny, they can be used to make strong and beautiful […]
June 22, 2017

If you can imagine it, we can make it!

Human history can be divided into different periods by what kinds of metals we used and how we used them. For example, the phenomenon of urban […]
June 21, 2017

How To Hire Someone To Do Metal Fabrication In Dallas

This may or may not be a job you’ve hired someone to do before, and if you haven’t then it is probably really challenging, obviously. You […]
June 20, 2017

Solving The Mystery Behind Metal Fabrication And How To Go About It

In modern society a lot of the time we do not realize how often we rely on something. For example, imagine for a second that there […]
June 15, 2017

Why Is Metal Preferred by Environmentally Conscious Architects and Designers?

Although wood is the more popular main source of sustainable building material, most architects and designers who are green-inclined are now shifting to metal as their […]
June 14, 2017

How one man’s vision became a reality with help from the CAD Design team at Astro Sheet Metal

  I used to make a phone call over to China…” he started. When this local production company manager came in, we could tell he knew […]
June 13, 2017

A local construction contractor’s dream

You’re building a name, an impression each time you take on a project as a construction contractor. You’re under client pressure. You want results that will […]
June 12, 2017

Creation Is The Mother Of Invention

Metal is something, that at first glance seems cold and hard and you would think that there is not much you can do with it, however, […]
April 1, 2015

Light Structural Metals In Texas Can Play Wonders In Durability And Sturdiness

It goes without saying that metal is one of the most useful components of a structure. A structure of a building or roof stands properly for […]
April 1, 2015

Experience the Benefits of Using Good Quality Fabricated Sheet Metal in Texas

The pipes and heavy metallic construction catches the attention of anyone. Whether you take a look at the mechanical components in a factory or consider looking […]