Why Is Metal Preferred by Environmentally Conscious Architects and Designers?

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May 14, 2017
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Why Is Metal Preferred by Environmentally Conscious Architects and Designers?

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Although wood is the more popular main source of sustainable building material, most architects and designers who are green-inclined are now shifting to metal as their favorite. Several metals actually have an important role in keeping the environmentally conscious building industry up.

When appraising sustainability of a material, it is very important to check how the material influences all concerns, including how it affects the environment, how can it be disposed of, and if is it truly durable. All construction products in their own different ways have some environment impact. Wood, steel, concrete or plastics; these have pros and cons. However, with all things considered, steel comes as an option of choice.

Bend It

Architects and designers like how versatile metals can be. Stainless steel and aluminum are flexible and adaptable in most shapes and forms. It makes them one of the most malleable materials to work with according to a metal brake Dallas workshop.

Aluminum naturally creates a layer of oxide when damaged.This layer is impassable. Aluminum also repairs itself when damaged with the help of this oxide.

A contributing factor to a metal’s flexibility is what it’s made of. In harsh environmental conditions and high temperatures, the chromium and nickel content in stainless protect it from corrosion and rust. Like the aluminum, the way how efficient and resistant these materials can be to some elements make them great for sustainability.

These materials can be used in all facet of green construction projects. They can be used for core construction to solar energy panels or even interior and outdoor designs.

Recycle Them Again and Again

In the USA and Canada, steel is the Number 1 recycled material. A brake metal Dallas shop, Astro Metal Sheets does too.

Steel-framed buildings and steel constructions can be disassembled and metals reworked.
It is a unique material that it can even be recycled without losing its durability and power. It can be recycled at anytime during application or throughout its life.

Steel products have a life cycle advantage to wood. All steel products can easily be recycled. It can be reused into a different design or element in the building. A stud can be a beam. A refrigerator can be a soup.

They Last Almost Forever

A brake metal Dallas workshop believes in the longevity of metal as a great material. A sustainable material reduces waste and maintains endurance for the next generation to still benefit. Metals like stainless last for decades. They are not replaced or recycled until they show hard wear and tear for several years.

Steel can easily be cleaned and look polished and new again.

Reduced Waste

Steel manufacturers use innovative ways to make the material even more sustainable. They reuse their by-product gasses for internal generation of electricity, or they direct fuel substitute, or even sell for power generation.

Steel production uses scrap metals. They consume much less energy than making new steel. Also, the CO2 by-products can be reclaimed, sanitized and used for soda drinks.

These are some reasons why architects and designers deem steel as a favorite material.

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