Through the Building: Four Things Glaziers Should Ask In Choosing A Sheet Metal Supplier

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November 15, 2014

Through the Building: Four Things Glaziers Should Ask In Choosing A Sheet Metal Supplier

In order to see “through the building,” there has to be some glass involved! Astro Sheet Metal specializes in helping glaziers.

Today’s glass is much more complicated than the glass of old, so today’s glazier must be knowledgeable about heat and light concerns, coatings, reflectivity, curtain wall options, and even aesthetics. With so many areas of expertise, it sometimes happens that even glaziers with in-house shearing and forming capability need some help with the metal side of projects. When considering a metal fabricator, glazing contractors often find themselves contemplating the same questions:

  • Is there someone that can help me when I need a lot of brake shapes? How about small quantities?
  • Do they have the material in stock that I will need?
  • Is their equipment accurate, and can it form the shapes and lengths that I will need?
  • Can they have it ready when I need it?

Astro Sheet Metal strives to have the right answers in all of these areas. Unlike some fabricators, we have made the conscious choice NOT to set glass, so that we will never be in competition with our glazing customers. We are truly here to help!

Astro Sheet Metal handles projects of all sizes, all the way from customers needing one or two pieces of brake metal to complete a project, up to customers needing hundreds of panels to skin multiple floors of buildings, and everything in between. We have structured our shop so that we can get the small quick jobs quickly while simultaneously working on the larger projects, so we can produce jobs of all sizes in a timely manner.

When it’s time to get a building closed up, time is of the essence. The contractor wants everything installed, but they also want all of the finishes to match. Astro Sheet Metal keeps a wide variety of materials in stock, including: clear, medium bronze, dark bronze, and black anodized aluminum, bone white Kynar aluminum, brushed and mirror-polished stainless, and even mill finish materials and galvanized steel, in a variety of gauges and lengths.

There’s nothing worse than getting all the way to the job site only to find that your metal has been fabricated incorrectly. We utilize CNC equipment to fabricate accurate and repeatable parts, and with our six press brakes and two shears we are able to offer some of the quickest turnarounds you will find for brake shapes. We also have the ability to shear and form up to 16 feet long, which helps our customers minimize their seams.

And finally, Astro Sheet Metal takes pride in our lead times. Our large inventory keeps wait times down for materials, and we run brake metal twice a day to move jobs through our facility as quickly as possible. By the time a project needs architectural metals, all of the slack time has been used up, and we are geared to make your wait times minimal.

Let Astro Sheet Metal assist you with your next project. We’d love an opportunity to help your projects run more smoothly!



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