How One Man’s Vision Became A Reality With Help From The CAD Design Team At Astro Sheet Metal

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May 13, 2017
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June 15, 2017

How One Man’s Vision Became A Reality With Help From The CAD Design Team At Astro Sheet Metal


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Happy Businessman-It’s great success

I used to make a phone call over to China…” he started. When this local production company manager came in, we could tell he knew what he was talking about when it came to lighting. He went on, “I’d ask for a part for my lighting that I’d need in a huge quantity but I’d always be on edge about it. Communicating, no I need that on the other side and it’s upside down met with language barriers,” he finished. When the communication was getting frustrating, he decided to come to us.

A communication breakdown

If you’ve ever had a good idea but have trouble getting someone to understand it, you can feel like you’re meeting a wall of frustration. We call this a communication breakdown. It takes someone who can visualize outside of the box, using diagrams and mental pictures to connect with you on your ideas. That’s just what happened to one of our clients who has become a regular.

Getting your ideas out

This local client was thrilled with our team because he could explain in person with gestures and quick sketches on a notepad. While he was getting a headache trying to explain with language barriers at every turn and no form of visual, he suddenly found the ease of communication with our experienced CAD design team.

Finally finding someone who can see your idea

“I felt like I’d just regained about five hours of time explaining, not to mention the better sleep from knowing [our team] got it”, he told us. When he met with one of our designers after a phone call determined and in-person appointment would work best, he explained his needs for a part to attach to lighting equipment he already used as part of stage management. Quickly, he formed a rapport with his designer. After a short time, our design team emailed him a 3-D model that met his needs. Knowing our team could quickly help him transfer a vision to a solid plan, he took advantage of our services and said he’d be back again and again.

3-D models to assure your confidence

One of the best parts about working with Astro Sheet Metal on a design project is the confidence you get from really seeing what that end product will be before we start welding and fabrication. Seeing the 3-D model made this client confident we could create his vision with sheet metal in Austin. Whether you need design work for a custom architectural design or for a large scale manufacturing production, you can benefit from Astro Sheet Metal. We have the experience and expertise that come with decades of experience and a top-notch staff. Let our team help you make your vision a reality, too. Call us for your design and sheet metal in Austin at 972-438-1110.



Astro Sheet Metal Co. Inc.
Astro Sheet Metal Co. Inc.
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