Equipment in Dallas, Denton & Tarrant, TX

We believe that dedicating the resources to purchasing the highest quality of equipment reaps tremendous benefits that are evident in the quality of work that we produce. We have worked diligently to fill our 20,000 square foot, fully air-conditioned facility with the proper tools to allow us to offer top-notch quality on everything we do.

Equipment List

Press Brakes

14-ft x 230 AF Cincinnati

14-ft x 175 AF Cincinnati  (18 inch throat)

14-ft x 175 CBII Cincinnati

12-ft x 90 Verson Mechanical

12-ft x 90 AF Cincinnati

10-ft x 65 Verson Mechanical


1/4″ x 12 ft Cincinnati

1/4″ x 16 ft Accurshear

(2) Notchers

Other Equipment

Whitney 35-Ton CNC Punch

40 ft Panel Slitter

Various saws

36” wide, dual-head wet Timesaver

Various rolls

Bridgeport Mill

Variety of welding equipment (MIG, TIG, spot welder, etc)

Centerless grinders, buffers, and a wide variety of other polishing equipment

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