Creation Is The Mother Of Invention

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April 1, 2015
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Creation Is The Mother Of Invention

Astor Sheet Metal Co.Inc.

Metal is something, that at first glance seems cold and hard and you would think that there is not much you can do with it, however, you would be wrong. This seemingly unmalleable piece of material can be used to create items that are required for everyday function or simply to design and manufacture something for ornamental purposes. Of course, not any Tom,Dick or Harry can work successfully with the material. It takes professional training, skill and to a certain degree, creativity to mold and form masterpieces. At Astro Sheet Metal we can work the metal into any shape, size, form or finish you require with masterful skill and professionalism that does not go unnoticed. We are the specialists in custom metal fabrication Dallas and we have been since 1967.

If You Can Think It, We Can Customize It

There are so many things that can be created using metal, you just need to know how to effectively work with the material to obtain the desired results. At Astro Sheet Metal we work with precision equipment and staff who are trained in the field.
Whether you require railings for your terrace or staircase or countertops for your new entertainment area, we are here to listen to your ideas, design and create something that will knock your socks off. The finish is classy and elegant while still providing long lasting results. Of course, residential applications are only the tip of the iceberg and you can be assured that if you require a commercial application, we are the team for you. Cladding, platforms, industrial fittings and light structural metals are onl y a few of the items we hold in our repertoire. On the industrial front you are not left wanting either. Custom industrial metal and plant maintenance are things we are more than capable of completing with confidence.
Being the custom metal fabrication Dallas company that the community turns to has driven us to high performance levels, superior results and service delivery that is unmatched by any other.

Custom Service for Custom Solutions

Having been in operation since 1967 we have come a long way.We understand the needs of the community, be they industrial, commercial or residential. Your satisfaction is our main priority, regardless of the size of the job involved. We are here to serve you, and serve you properly. We strive to exceed expectations at every possible opportunity. We maintain a staff of skilled, well-trained and dedicated employees who are capable of providing you with quality service. We understand that good employees are hard to come by these days and we take care of the ones we have fostered over the years but that doesn’t mean we don’t take in new talent from time to time. We care for our staff. A happy team is one that will provide the kind of honest, diligent service our customers deserve.
Call Astro Sheet Metal today for quality, affordable, creative, workable custom metal fabrication Dallas. We can create a masterpiece out of nothing by a flat sheet of metal. Have a design in mind, allow us to bring it to life for you. 972-438-1110.



Astro Sheet Metal Co. Inc.
Astro Sheet Metal Co. Inc.
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