House - history

Astro Sheet Metal Co. Inc. was founded in Irving, TX, in 1967 by John W. Paxton and James Mizell. John W. Paxton took full ownership of the company in 1970, and the company has been in our facility and managed by the Paxton family ever since.

Since its humble beginnings in a small building with a dirt floor and no electricity, Astro Sheet Metal has strived for sustained and healthy growth throughout its history. Today, the company resides in a 20,000 square foot, fully air-conditioned facility containing modern, sophisticated equipment.

John W. Paxton founded Astro Sheet Metal with a simple belief: a man hired to do a job should do that job the best that he knows how, and not simply good enough to meet customer expectations. He instilled the values of quality, proficiency, and customer satisfaction in his sons, four of whom now own and manage the business, and these values also have been passed down to the third generation of family members, who now work at the company.