A Local Construction Contractor’s Dream

Creation Is The Mother Of Invention
May 12, 2017
How One Man’s Vision Became A Reality With Help From The CAD Design Team At Astro Sheet Metal
May 14, 2017

A Local Construction Contractor’s Dream

Astor Sheet Metal Co.Inc.

You’re building a name, an impression each time you take on a project as a construction contractor. You’re under client pressure. You want results that will impress future clients and keep the contracts coming in so your business can grow.

When you take on a big client as a Dallas construction business, we understand you need to be able to deliver impressive results to your clients. Our more than forty years of experience with custom metal fabrication in Dallas make us the source for your needs. We’ve made it our fight to show our skills as a sheet metal supplier and fabrication source in the area. We will help you make your fight a winning one, too. Our design team knows how to get you the architectural pieces you need built in no time. Read on to find out more about how Astro Sheet Metal can help put your business on the cutting edge.

About us

Looking for metal fabrication in Dallas? It doesn’t have to be hard when you come to the best source in the area Astro Sheet Metal has been in business since 1967. A company doesn’t stay on top of the Dallas market for this long without offering unique services, the right selection, and competitive pricing that gets customer’s attention. Just as you want to get to the top and stay there, we want to impress you and keep you coming back for our services.

We understand the pressures you face

Contractors in the construction field have a competitive market to face. You need to wow your clients and outbid your competition. You need innovative designs to make the cut but you also need help making all the pieces work together. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate what you want. You always have a deadline to face, too. Our design team is friendly and competent at their work. They provide you with the 3-D designs you need to be assured we have your vision understood. We’ll meet or exceed your deadlines and partner with you in the creative process to help you deliver the results you need.

Imagine the possibilities

Your client will have specific requests to create a polished, and professional look at their office building or investment property. Want some gorgeous metal handrails that help you add a stylish touch to ADA regulatory ramps and stairwells? We’ve done that, check out our gallery. Do you need a mailbox area in the building? Let us do a custom build with numbering, accent features, and full functionality that will impress your clients and their customers. Imagine how a spiraling metal staircase could impress your client, we can do that for you.

If you’re ready for a team that can not only handle your needs as a contractor but help you exceed in your industry, you’ve got to check out Astro Sheet Metal. Give us a call at 972-438-1110 today.




Astro Sheet Metal Co. Inc.
Astro Sheet Metal Co. Inc.
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