Other Products

Tapered Panels:

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While the manufacturers of metal roofing panels are quite efficient at producing straight panels, many of those manufacturers seek out Astro Sheet Metal to fabricate their tapered roofing panels (For example, the picture at the left shows tapered panels following a radius). We are familiar with many types of roofing panels, and we routinely produce tapered roofing panels at lengths of up to 40 feet. If you have a curved roofline, let Astro Sheet Metal help you fabricate the tapered portions of your roof.

Fajita Grates:

We are proud to provide fajita cooking grates for an international chain of restaurants. These units, which come in a variety of sizes, also feature replaceable individual bars, which tend to wear out after long-time exposure to cooking heat, and the units are coated in a durable high-heat coating for maximum longevity.

Menu Line Brackets:

Astro Sheet Metal is proud to supply an international restaurant company with menu line brackets. These brushed stainless steel brackets, which come in a large (as shown) and small size, are used to hold menu pages for restaurant personnel in the kitchen, for quick and easy reference.